5 lessons softplay can teach us about life…


Spending an afternoon in a hot, sweaty and expensive softplay with my children this weekend made me contemplate a few things (and not just how dirty the bottom of their socks were afterwards). In fact, it made me think that in many ways softplay  mirrors many of life’s great lessons… Continue reading


10 signs you haven’t achieved a work / life balance

6a00e54eee09528834019b013f2d0a970b-500wiThis weekend I attended the marvellous Blogfest, organised by Mumsnet, and indulged myself in all things blogging (for a whole day, with food, caffeine, David Baddiel and wine). Aside from sitting on my favourite Mexican beach, it doesn’t get better than this (sorry husband, children,  clients etc) – did I mention David Baddiel? Continue reading

11 resolutions for next term at primary school


Note: blue smiling lady has been drawn by another child. Crying floating heads by daughter

As we near the end of the school year, and the first ever term at primary school, I have realised that starting school is tough. There are so any rules to follow, new things to learn, and pressure to appear more grown up. I’m not talking about my five year old, I’m talking about myself! Continue reading

13 bizarre situations you may find yourself in – pregnancy & beyond…


It’s safe to say I have found myself in some pretty weird situations over the years. Hurtling through Belize’s countryside on a big yellow school bus situated next to a lady with a chicken,  accompanying six drag queens on a night out to Ibiza Old Town and wondering if people assumed I was the seventh, my first PR job promoting paper plates and calling up magazines dedicated to potatoes. Just a few of the shining examples which immediately spring to mind. However, none of these come close to the total weirdness I have experienced over the past five years. Even more weird is that I now don’t even find these situations particularly weird…they are the norm in the bizarre world of babydom….judge for yourself: Continue reading