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Suffolk with small people


I realise the title of this post could sound offensive to anyone vertically challenged. I should rephrase, and call it ‘Visting Suffolk with the kids”, and that’s exactly what we did this (rainy) bank holiday weekend. We have been there once before, but had forgotten just how totally fab that part of the world is (even if you have to travel the entire length of the M25 to reach it). 

So, for anyone thinking of going – here are our recommendations for things to do there with the nippers:

  1. Visit the boating lake in Aldeburgh – not only do you feel like you’re in an Enid Blyton book, but it is possibly one of the most relaxing things to do on hols. It consists of a small pond type thing, lots of children with beautiful wooden boats, lots of benches for knackered parents and an ice cream hut – voila! Hours spent watching kids, who never seem to get bored of pushing boats from one side to another.
  2. Walk along the pier at Southwold – even the pier is fancy here. Loads of lovely shops for me to sneak off into, and a brilliant water sculpture which basically wees on spectators every half hour (possibly the highlight of the weekend for the 2 year old).
  3. Spot the ‘House in the Clouds’ in Thorpeness – google it, it’s amazing!
  4. Find Grandpa’s house from Grandpa in my Pocket – and then try and stop your children from going in (it’s actually a 11935091_10153686385682780_1901003186331871421_nholiday home, and maybe those who rent it expect to find the faces of small children pressed up against their windows each day?)
  5. Go crabbing at Walberswick – more good old fashioned fun, although we rocked up optimistically with a fishing net purchased in Devon some years ago to find the more professional crab hunters kitted out with wires, buckets and bacon (who knew crabs liked bacon?)
  6. Eat fish and chips on the beach at Aldeburgh – whilst very tasty, and enjoyable, but always slightly unnerving when watched by seagulls the size of corgis.
  7. Row on the boating lake at Thorpeness – we loved the boats all lined up, each one with its own name (particularly loved Trudy and Patricia).

So there you have it, our guide to a weekend away. I’m sure there’s absolutely LOADS more to do, but those were our highlights. We rented a barn through Owners Direct &  there’s lots of info on the local area at Visit Suffolk.


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