13 bizarre situations you may find yourself in – pregnancy & beyond…


It’s safe to say I have found myself in some pretty weird situations over the years. Hurtling through Belize’s countryside on a big yellow school bus situated next to a lady with a chicken,  accompanying six drag queens on a night out to Ibiza Old Town and wondering if people assumed I was the seventh, my first PR job promoting paper plates and calling up magazines dedicated to potatoes. Just a few of the shining examples which immediately spring to mind. However, none of these come close to the total weirdness I have experienced over the past five years. Even more weird is that I now don’t even find these situations particularly weird…they are the norm in the bizarre world of babydom….judge for yourself: Continue reading


My 5 newborn obsessions

3589579030_cda74134bb_copySo you’ve had a baby. Congratulations and welcome to your new psychedelic sleep-deprived hazy world where even the simplest tasks have become mind-bendingly impossible; you can’t remember how to get dressed properly and making a cup of tea makes you want to cry. Do come on in… Continue reading