10 signs you haven’t achieved a work / life balance

6a00e54eee09528834019b013f2d0a970b-500wiThis weekend I attended the marvellous Blogfest, organised by Mumsnet, and indulged myself in all things blogging (for a whole day, with food, caffeine, David Baddiel and wine). Aside from sitting on my favourite Mexican beach, it doesn’t get better than this (sorry husband, children, ¬†clients etc) – did I mention David Baddiel? Continue reading


11 resolutions for next term at primary school


Note: blue smiling lady has been drawn by another child. Crying floating heads by daughter

As we near the end of the school year, and the first ever term at primary school, I have realised that starting school is tough. There are so any rules to follow, new things to learn, and pressure to appear more grown up. I’m not talking about my five year old, I’m talking about myself! Continue reading

Dear snooty table of disapproving people

pppeI was with the group of 8 five year olds celebrating their birthdays. You know the ones, they were all excited and unable to control themselves. You were the sour faced foursome who arrived half way through their party.

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