20 things I didn’t know before I had kids

matching-mother-daughter-dressesBefore children, I was always THAT person who secretly used to look at my friend’s kids and make a mental note as to how I would do things differently. My family would be like the Calvin Klein adverts from the 90s. I would be that mother trekking through Tibet with my newborn neatly attached by an Indian print scarf. My daughter, dressed in floral pinafore dresses, would sit next to me drawing as I lunched out with friends each week. Continue reading


My 5 newborn obsessions

3589579030_cda74134bb_copySo you’ve had a baby. Congratulations and welcome to your new psychedelic sleep-deprived hazy world where even the simplest tasks have become mind-bendingly impossible; you can’t remember how to get dressed properly and making a cup of tea makes you want to cry. Do come on in… Continue reading